Aladix Interior
الأدكس للتصميم الداخلى
Every corner of our home should have esthetic and functional life value. Therefore, we strive to make available good quality furniture solutions that will preserve personal comfort, tradition and well-being in every family.
Our suggestion
Interior equipment any of your property
  1. Select and negotiation of your style solutions
  2. Layouts development with furniture placement
  3. Finishing materials, furniture, lighting and decorative elements selection
  4. Drawing up your order specification indicating all parameters: exact dimensions, materials, colors, prices and other necessary characteristics
  5. Placing an order
  6. Quality control and order verification at factories
  7. Shipment and delivery to the customer's address
Our suggestion
Over then 10 years

permanent work with furniture, lights, ceramics and finishing materials factories in China. Strict quality control of production and full processes support at every stage of assembling objects with delivery all over the world.

Interior development and furnishing for any of your space
Our offer is interesting for owners of hotels, houses, restaurants, developers and other facilities
Luxurious interior for your villa
Exquisite style for your space
Functional solution for your hotel
Full apartments equipment for developers
Additional offers
  1. Set up smart home system: hardware selections and installation
  2. Development of technical modules and online platforms for automation interior projects
  3. Visualization of your objects
1. More than 2000 suppliers and manufacturers in China
  • Deep knowledges of market
  • Office in China
  • Experienced staff
  • Quality control at every step
2. Additional
  • Web modules elaboration for demonstrating and selling ready-made furniture sets, integration into your projects
  • Full process of online platform development for interior market
3. Full
  • All goods consolidation in warehouse
  • Packing and loading containers
  • Logistics providing to the customer’s address
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
Our working projects
and main team
International operations
Technical department leader
General architect designer
Quality control management